Click 2 Dial / Speed Dial

See a number on your computer.
Click the number. 
Your phone will start calling the number.

[ Chrome, FireFox, Edge, IE ]

Phone number detection in your favorite web browser. Easily dial numbers you see on web pages.

Click this

[ Outlook Support]

Right click a contact and speed dial from Outlook,  Highlight a phone number in a email and TricomVoIP will dial the number for you.

[  TEL: Handler ]

Open TEL: links e.g URL links that are phone numbers which are becoming more common practice 

[ Save Time ]

Save time, hands free calling. No more mistakes while dialing numbers. Over a year save hours of productivity.

[ Single Click Call ]

Hands free dialing, TricomVoIP inserts special headers to make calling a seamless experience - This is best for headset users.

[ One Time Setup ]

Easy 1 time setup. Once set, no need to modify settings. Special routines included to pull PBX info with only admin details.

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