TricomVoIP CTI-Call Metrics

for the Yeastar Cloud & "S" Series PBX

A user friendly call reporting tool that can produce advance call metrics reports. 
Break down Call Data, Track Sales Calls.
Easy Setup - Only requires PBX URL, User and Password.

[ Extra Fields ]

TricomVoiIP Call Metrics provides you with 48 fields in which to create details reports from. These can turned and on and off to suit the report type

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[ Recordings ]

Simply download one or more recorded phone calls with ease. Manage recordings, add notes and play back recordings.

[  CDR Search ]

Search the PBX's CDR log without limitations, print or easily export to Excel, xml or csv.

[ CDR Reports ]

TricomVoIP has built in Reports created by CDR Search data, we also can provide custom reports tailored to your needs.

[ Live Dashboard ]

Live Dashboard with various metrics such as Answer Percentage, Total Calls, Concurrent Call Count, Call Status and more.

[ Settings ]

Customise TricomVoIP to suite your needs, set auto refresh times, peak periods and Window Style and color

TricomVoIP Call Metrics is licensed based on that call reporting / recording monitoring is not performed by all extension users therefore a license per extension user is not required, however additional user licenses are available if the allocated extension versus license count does not meet your company's needs.

SMB 20

USD $49.00
20 Extensions / 3 Users
Free Support & Updates

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SMB 50

USD $89.00
50 Extensions / 5 Users
Free Support & Updates

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SMB 100

USD $149.00
100 Extensions / 10 Users
Free Support & Updates

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SMB 300

USD $249.00
300+ Extensions / 30 Users
Free Support & Updates

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TricomVoIP CTI Specialists

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