CTI-Call Metrics Setup Guide

Download and install TricomVoIP CTI-Call Metrics

First Launch, Time to get our PBX details ready.
Details to enter are the same as the web login to your PBX (Cloud of Physical)

Open ‘Settings’ tab


  • Phone Support: 0800 874 478    
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Install TeamViwer Quick Support

Enter your PBX Info,

For example: if you configure / login to your PBX with a link such as https://pbx.example.com:8088

You would choose HTTPS and enter pbx.example.com:8088 into the ‘PBX URL, IP or Hostname’ Textbox,
PBX Type will be auto discovered and doesn’t need to be set.

Alternatively, if you browse and configure your PBX via a link such as
You would choose HTTP and enter into the ‘PBX URL, IP or Hostname’ Textbox.

Enter your PBX Login information username / extension e.g admin and password.

Optionally set toggles to auto login etc.

Load Previous CDR:    Automatically load the last search data.
Remember Me:         Remember user details.
Auto Login:              Automatically login on launch
Save PBX Details:      Save PBX IP / Hostname

Click Login or in ‘PBX CDR’ tab click search this will login before searching.

You are now ready to search your PBX CDR, Download recordings etc. For more tutorials / support visit https//www.tricomvoip.co.nz

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