TricomVoIP CTI - Desktop
Must have CTI Software for the Yeastar "S" Series PBX

What is TricomVoIP?

TricomVoIP Desktop is innovative CTI Phone enhancement software developed in house to satisfy the needs of our clients who use the Yeastar’s Series or systems based on Asterisk 13.

Used in conjunction with your existing IP Phone hardware TricomVoIP Desktop integrates with Yeastar & Asterisks PBX's and provides an interactive dialer with interfaces into your Outlook Contacts or CRM systems like HubSpot and or multiple LDAP Address Books

Why TricomVoIP Desktop?

Better communication, reduce the cost of phone hardware down as it negates the need for the more expensive & larger desk phones and is packed with features.

[ Click to Dial ]

Number detection plugins for Chrome & Firefox on any web page. Microsoft’s Edge already has the feature built in. 

[ Caller ID Pop up ]

Notification of incoming calls with and options to Ignore the call or Lookup the Contact. You can also call monitor other extensions. The call popup as displayed is further enhanced when used in conjunction with our phone interface drivers.

[ Contacts ]

Easily manage multiple contact directories inside TricomVoIP to make dialing contacts easier. Directories from sources such as Outlook, Multiple LDAP address books, CRM etc.

[ Status Monitor ]

(BLF) list of internal extensions. - visually know the availability of extensions before reaching them. 

[ Call Status & Control ]

Timer and current status of user extension

[ History ]

Caller & callee history with date, time and length of call, for advanced reporting of caller history see our Call Detailed Report Manager Software TricomVoIP - CDRM

[ Easy Transfer ]

Easily transfer of calls using our friendly interface

[ Integrations ]

HubSpot CRM, Outlook, Yealink.

Contact us if you have a custom requirement

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TricomVoIP CTI Specialists

TricomVoip's sole purpose is the supply & installation of VoIP based PBX equipment & software. 


We are happy to customise a solution to suit your requirements.


 We are available 7 days to assist with installation or configuration

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